Do you want your galvanizing plant?
       We design and build your galvanizing plant on turnkey basis!
        Sangjin can be the engineering and building company for your hot dip galvanizing facility not only simply galvanizing your items.    
        Upon your firm request, we will perform the feasibility study for your galvanizing business! Can you success? How can you success?
        After that, with our profound knowledge and knowhow acquired through 15 years of experience in building & running facilities, we do designing, building, installing, commissioning, starting-up, training and then hand over to you by full or semi turnkey basis. Not ot mention, we provide spare parts and continuous maintenance activity on your facilities by our skillful engineers upon request, which you will feel very convenient with.
        Sangjin's Job Reference (galvanizing facilities only)      
* 2002. 12 : Renovating and enlarging No. 2 galvanizing tank
* 2002. 06 : Renovating and enlarging No. 3 galvanizing tank
* 2001. 12 : Renovating and enlarging No. 1 galvanizing tank
* 1990. 12 : Building No. 3 galvanizing tank
* 1989. 04 : Buinling No. 2 galvanizing tank
* 1988. 06 : Building No. 1 galvanizing tank
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