Rock fence
       rock fences protects vehicles and passengers against falling stones from embankments or exposed rocks.
The shock of falling rocks are absorbed by the wire ropes and the H-beams which are designed and constructed strongly so that they can endure the weight of the rocks.
         G - fence
       Color fence
        Sangjin manufactures and sells newly future-oriented fence produced by the exclusive auto machine line. This fence has the admirable quality characteristics as follows This is perfect fence of a single panel with beautiful outllook.
* This fence has a remarkable anti-rust nature to preserve semi-permanent life.
* Special painting after galvanizing shows beautiful color and unfading freshness.
* Because it is simple and easy to install fence, you can install it adjusting its height and angle at your    disposal and guideline will be provided.
* We supply spare parts such as fence post, clip, sus bolt & nut and clamp necessary to install fence on    your demand completely.
       Bridge inspection platform
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